Workout Wednesday: Stand Up Straight Forever!

Workout Wednesday: Stand Up Straight Forever

Posture is the most common structural problem I see with L.A. women. Many women have told me they have back problems and they might even see the chiropractor on a regular basis. I always ask them if they have injured their back before and usually the answer is no. If you have never injured your back or even if you have, the best solution is almost always strengthening your muscles. This week I have a great little back workout set up for you with a couple of exercises thrown in the mix for toning your shoulders.

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From our Fitness Expert David Waters:

Bent Over Rows: This exercise will work the major muscles in the back, so you can go a little heavier with the dumbbells 10-15LBS, 20LBS if you are really tough. Make sure our back is flat and neck is lightly relaxed (don’t stare in the mirror while you do it).

Back Flies: This is a serious posture builder! Stand up slightly from the bent over row stance and lean a little forward. You are going to want to lower the weight a little on this one, maybe 8-12Lb dumbbells.

Rear Delt Back Fly: This time drop all the way down to 90 degrees with a flat back, just like a table. Keep your arms at 90 degrees to your body and your eyes straight towards the ground. The weight should be about 3-10Lbs depending on how strong you are.

Front Shoulder Raise: Keep the weights in front of your thighs but not resting on your thighs so that you are not swinging them to get the weights up. Stop the weights about eye level before going back down. The weight should be between 5-12Lbs.

Lateral Delt Raise: This one is going to burn but push through it. Hold the weights off of your sides and lift them to 90 degrees. The weight should be 3-10Lbs.

Physio Ball Back Extensions: This one might be a little tricky at first but once you settle in this is a great lower back exercise. Put the ball in front of your thighs and the soles of your shoes against the wall touching your toes to the ground. Put your hands on your shoulders and come up but do not over hyper extend your back.

The woman’s back on the cover photo belongs to one of L.A.’s great trainers and yoga teachers, Miss Kate Abate. Check her out here.


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