9) VINTAGE VAMP                                        (9 OF 10)

Vintage Vamp

9) VINTAGE VAMP                                        (9 OF 10)


Time it took us: 10 minutes

Stuff to have handy:

  • Bobby pins (large and small)
  • Hair elastic
  • Hairspray
  • Shine spray
  • Large-barrel curling iron
  • Fine-tooth comb

Using a large-barrel iron, curl the bang section of your hair forward. Clip the section into place. We’ll revisit it later. Pull the rest of the hair into a tight, low, side ponytail. Make sure that it’s bump-free. Using the curling iron, curl the whole side ponytail in an upward angle. Once the ponytail is curled up, spray it well with hairspray, then roll it up toward your scalp and secure it with bobby pins. You’ll need lots of bobby pins, large and small, to be sure that the roll stays in place. Once the roll is secured, take the clip out of the front bang area, allowing the big curl to fall. Using a fine-tooth comb, smooth the front section over to the side the roll is on. After combing it a couple of times, it will turn into a nice retro wave. Once that happens, spray with hairspray, then bobby-pin the ends to the roll. Finally, spray all over with hairspray and give it a minute to dry.