10 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

8) CHIC PONY                                       (8 OF 10)

Chic Pony

8) CHIC PONY                                       (8 OF 10)

Time it took us: 2 minutes

Stuff to have handy:

  • Styling cream or lotion
  • Shine serum
  • Small hair elastic
  • 2 small bobby pins
  • Not-too-stiff finishing hairspray
  • Flat, boar-bristle styling brush

Pull hair back into a low ponytail using a flat boar-bristle brush to create a bump-free finish. Secure with an elastic. Separate out a small strand of hair — roughly the width of a pencil — from the ponytail. Spray that piece well with hairspray then wrap it around the ponytail holder. Bobby-pin the end of the small piece under the tail, and tuck in any loose ends. Lightly mist hairspray over everything and smooth with your hand.

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