6) BRAIDY LADY                                       (6 OF 10)

Braidy-Lady Style

6) BRAIDY LADY                                       (6 OF 10)

Time it took us: 5 minutes

Stuff to have handy:

  • 1 small clear hair elastic
  • 4 small bobby pins
  • Texturizing cream
  • Light hold hairspray

Part hair where you usually do. Side or middle will work. Grab a section on each side of the part. (Section should be about as wide as two fingers.) Loosely braid both sections toward the back of your head where they will meet. Apply a dab of texturizing cream or pomade to the bottom of each braid so it doesn’t unravel easily. Use a clear elastic to secure both braids together in back. Carefully slide the bobby pins in under the braid, along your scalp. This will keep the loose braids from falling out.