10 Rules of Thumb for All Things Hair

10 Rules of Thumb for Hair that Every Girl Should Know (and remember!)

The best thing about rules of thumb are that even if you don’t know much about hair, nails, etc., you can just refer back to these general rules to guide you. There are hundreds of these rules that seem to be generally agreed upon among women, so here is a list of some of the most common rules for hair. Even if you’re an amateur, remembering these simple rules of thumb will help you get by.

Hair Care


Brush hair from ends to roots
This helps if you hair is especially knotty. Comb the tips first, then start a few inches above that and work your way up, combing out the knots a little at a time. Starting at the roots can cause a buildup of knots near the roots and it also spreads oil throughout the hair.

The thicker your hair, the less you should shampoo
For thicker hair, aim for about 3 times a week. For thinner hair, 4-5 times a week is best.

Your irons shouldn’t exceed 350 degrees
Use the 350 degree mark as a general rule to limit your styling tools at — nobody likes fried hair!

Hair Dye


Color every 4-6 weeks
Coloring more often can severely damage your hair.

Wait 24 hours after washing your hair before dying it
Porous hair tends to take dye better, so only wash it (no conditioner) and wait 24 hours before dying it.

Never DIY if it’s more than 2 shades lighter than your current color
Once you go past 2 shades lighter, you run the risk of getting discoloration and unwanted tones. Try to stay near the color you have and stick with hues that compliment your skin tone.


Ask yourself and two others before asking your stylist
You are the one who will have to deal with the new haircut you asked for. Get the opinions of two others (any more will just cause confusion) and decide if it’s a style you can love for the next few months. If you don’t want to style bangs for two months, don’t get bangs! Even if your stylist insists they will look phenomenal.

Wear hair up for occasions, down for non-occasions
In general, hair that is pulled up tends to look more professional and mature, and hair that is down looks more casual. Use this as a guide when deciding how to wear your hair.

If the focus of your outfit is at the chest or above, pull your hair back
This prevents your hair from stealing the show!

Your hair should only wrap around the curler twice maximum
When deciding on hair rollers or a curling iron, try to choose a size that compliments your hair length. This is a good measurement rule to stick to when figuring out what works best.

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