10 Tricks to Make Your Workout Go Faster

10 tricks to make your workout go by faster (that actually work!)

We all have days when we dread our workout. It’s usually those days where that hour at the gym seems like a lifetime. When you’re having one of those days make sure to try one of these tricks to make your workout go faster!

Imagine yourself someplace else.

Try imagining yourself on the beach somewhere or another place you’re really happy. Visualize you’re exercising there and you’ll get to enjoy time there when you’re done. A beach is a much better environment than the treadmill, so transport yourself to a more exciting place.

Update your playlists often. 

If you’re using the same workout playlist every day, of course your workout is going to seem like it’s taking forever. You’ll know how long you’ve been at it by how many songs have played, so make sure you’re updating your iPod frequently. There are so many playlists out there to choose from, there’s almost no excuse! Try Pandora, Songza, Spotify, or even Apple Music.

Watch your favorite show.

Save your favorite show for when you’re working out. You’ll be so distracted by what’s happening on TV you won’t even notice you just logged half an hour on the elliptical.

Set small goals.

Make small, achievable goals for each workout. For example, run for 10 minutes at a 6mph pace and then you get to walk for three minutes. Breaking your workout up into more manageable segments will make the whole thing seem shorter.

Get a workout buddy.

Find a friend who wants to tone up as well and make a promise to hold one another accountable. It’ll push you to do those extra crunches and run the extra mile. Plus, you’re much less likely to hit the snooze button when you know Katie is waiting for you at the gym. Don’t have any interested friends? Check out local running and fitness clubs.

Do a class.

Group exercise can be so much fun, especially with a fun and motivating teacher. Find out what activities you love and make that class part of your gym routine. You’re also much less likely to skip out on class early, like you might have your hour-long gym session! There are so many out there to try and a lot of them even give you a free or discounted first session.

Get competitive. 

If you love getting competitive, challenge yourself to beat that workout buddy in a fitness contest or even have weekly competitions with yourself! There’s nothing more fulfilling than beating your personal best.

Focus on quality, not quantity.

Did you know that a high-intensity, 30 minute workout is just as good as a medium-intensity, hour long workout? Cut out the long rests and water cooler chat and get in and out with purposeful exercise.

Mix it up. 

Of course it’s going to seem like your half hour on the elliptical is taking forever if that’s what you do every day. Try out new workouts, classes, and running techniques to keep yourself from getting bored.

Reward yourself. 

Make a smoothie date with a friend for right after your workout or decide you can go shopping for an hour if you do all those burpees. If you’re working toward a goal, the end will seem closer in sight!

How do you make your workout fly by?