7 Lazy Girl Workout Motivation Tips that Really Works

7 Lazy Girl Workout Motivation Tips that Really Works

It’s not always easy to get the motivation to workout. Throw in the power of our inner lazy girl and the only crunches we master are the ones coming from the chips we’re stuffing in our mouths.

Instead of letting our ILG wreak havoc on our exercise regimen keep these 7 tips in mind to keep you motivated!

Drink Up

We’re not kidding. Seriously, we really aren’t kidding. It sounds nuts but happy hour is actually beneficial to your fitness routine.  According to a recent study, researchers discovered that people who drink alcohol exercise more, and the more they drink, the more they exercise. (Obviously, you need to drink responsibly and drink in moderation.) However, if I’m feeling a little guilty for indulging in one too many glasses of wine at dinner, I know I’m more motivated to go all out at the gym the next day.

Work Out for 3 Minutes

Turn on your favorite song and do some form of high intensity exercise. It’s much better than doing absolutely nothing. And research has shown that working out at a hard pace for just 2.5 minutes will help you burn up to 200 extra calories. Those extra three minutes a day can add up to over a pound each month!

Watch your favorite TV series

Good news! Your Netflix addiction is actually good for you. Even better, watching old Sex and the City reruns will help motivate you, too. Studies have shown that when people start watching a TV series they love while they workout, they are more likely to workout longer (complete the duration of the episode) and hit the gym the next day. In other words, your fave TV shows actually help you resist temptation, like the urge to do a half-assed workout or skip the gym altogether.

It Decreases Your Appetite

Not only will working out burn calories, but it will also help prevent you from over-eating throughout the day. Even just 45 minutes of moderate exercise lowers your appetite. So, attending that yoga class or going for a quick hike will have lasting benefits.

Own It

We know this one doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as some of the other tips but it’s seriously helpful! Instead of blaming fate or “the universe” when your jeans are a bit tight, take ownership of it. Take responsibility for your own actions! If you believe you’re responsible for your own actions, you’re more likely to exercise more and eat well.

It’s a Magic De-stresser

If only we could be kids again and relive the days with stress-free summer breaks. Instead, those pesky little things called responsibilities constantly remind us that we’re adults. Unfortunately, no amount of whining or wine-ing will lessen our stress. Exercise actually does help to calm nerves and reduce stress. It not only makes you feel better in the moment, like when you leave all your worries behind during a run, but it also helps you cope with anxiety in the future. Remember that next time when you’re considering skipping the gym…

Get a Partner

You’ve likely already heard that having a workout buddy or trainer is great motivation to hit the gym, but that motivation is just as effective via text or social media. You and your friends can text each other workout ideas and advice. Take it up a notch by using Snapchat to share workouts and inspo to keep each other motivated. Another great option is to start a private group on Facebook with workout pals so everyone can post about the workouts they’ve done and encourage each other.

How do you motivate yourself to hit the gym? Share your tips below!