20 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

20 year old women avoid these mistakes

Our twenties are arguably the best decade of our lives. We can graduate college, start a career, get married, and have hundreds of valuable life experiences all within ten years. Our twenties are the foundation of the rest of our lives, so let’s take advantage of them! Here are 20 mistakes to avoid making in your 20s.

  1. Focusing on love.  As much as it might seem like something you really need to focus on, especially in your later 20s, don’t let love get in the way of anything during this decade. You’ve got a career to focus on as well as developing your life as an adult. You learn so much about yourself in your 20s, don’t let a guy shape who you are or get in the way of your growth. Chances are, what you want out of a relationship will change as you get older.
  2. YOLO.  We’re aware that YOLO is the phrase of last year, but making that your mantra in your 20s isn’t the best idea. If it results in you following a path that’s going to hurt your career or reputation, think of the long-term consequences. Sure you may only live once, but do you want the rest of your life after your twenties to be tainted by a couple of poor choices?
  3. Not eating right.  If you’re eating a fast food diet or overloading on salt and sugar daily, you’re not doing your body any favors. It’s going to catch up with you later, so make sure to fill your diet with fruits and veggies in addition to that burger and fries.
  4. Not putting your family first.  When everything goes wrong in your life, the first people you’ll probably turn to are family. Your family is so important and can teach you so much about yourself. Never forget to properly appreciate them.
  5. Getting too comfortable. Don’t get too comfortable anywhere. That means in a job, relationship or home situation. You never know when that comfort is going to be snatched away from you. Always have a backup plan.
  6. Not indulging your passions. Don’t ignore those hobbies you love when you’re not working or socializing. You never know when they might come in handy or become your next business venture. Doing something that makes you happy can stimulate new thoughts.
  7. Stopping learning.Don’t get so comfortable in a job that you stop learning new things. You should always be striving for improvement and if you come in every day and perform the same motions, you’re not learning any more. Ask to take on a new project or if you can meet with someone who you idolize in your company. Learn how they got there and the skills necessary. If you can’t learn at work, pick up an inspirational book or take a few classes.
  8. Not saving money.  Don’t blow money on frivolous things that don’t matter in your 20s. This doesn’t mean experiences — travel and exciting activities become memories down the road. I mean expensive electronics, pricey wardrobes and hundreds of Subway sandwiches. Spend money on things that matter and save the rest.
  9. Nurturing bad friendships.  In your twenties you realize what friendships are valuable to you and which aren’t. Don’t spend time with people who are negative, angry, mean, or deceitful. They’ll rub off on you even if you say they won’t.
  10. Not making time for the friendships that matter.Those people in your life that make you smile and laugh are the ones to keep around. Stay in touch with those who challenge you and encourage you to be a better person every day.
  11. Practicing unsafe sex. Just don’t do it. Babies are great, but have them when you’re truly ready. STDs are definitely not great, and that mistake may haunt you the rest of your life.
  12. Paying too much in rent.  Do you really need to live in a lavish apartment right now? It’s better to spend conservatively on rent now and save more for later. Especially if you’re living in a city with a high cost of living, half your salary can go to rent immediately. As long as you have the essentials, you’ll be happy.
  13. Not learning how to cook.  Besides the financial burden you’ll incur if you eat out every night, you’ll also be at a total loss once you’re sick of every takeout restaurant in town. Learning how to cook a few simple, but delicious meals will keep you from breaking the bank, going hungry, and feeling completely worthless in the kitchen.
  14. Working too hard/not working hard enough.  Life is all about balance. You need to work hard enough at your job to establish your worth and start your career path, all while making sure to maintain important relationships in your life and have a little fun. Find that balance.
  15. Smoking.  Don’t do it. It’s hazardous to your health and we promise it doesn’t make you look cool. It also takes a huge hit on your wallet. Even if you only buy one pack of cigarettes a week at $7 (and it’s probably more), that’s $364 a year. Can’t you think of a better way to spend your money?
  16. Blaming others for your problems.  Sure the economy sucks and your boss is a jerk, but ultimately it’s up to you to fix your own problems. Search for solutions and try and spin negative situations into positive ones.
  17. Not stopping to appreciate your 20s.This is such an amazing time in your life. Take a moment every day to appreciate being young with endless possibilities ahead of you.
  18. Relying to much on your parents. It’s perfectly acceptable to live at home for a bit after college or the occasional helping with rent these days. But, don’t overstay your welcome or take advantage of these people that are just trying to help you. Your parents are likely beginning to think about retirement and need to think about themselves sometimes too.
  19. Comparing yourself to anyone else but yourself.You’re on your own unique journey in life, so don’t compare yourself to your best friend, your enemy, or that girl from high school you frequently stalk on Facebook. Focus on yourself, avoid these mistakes, and everything will fall into place.
  20. Overusing social media.You’re building your online reputation every time you post a status or photo, so do everything wisely. Nothing really can ever be completely erased from the Internet, so be mindful of what others post as well. Also always remember to truly experience the moment you’re in — don’t just record or document it.

What other mistakes do we make in our twenties? Let us know below!