10 Best Hair Tutorials for Short Hair

10 best hair shorthair

Our shorties of the world just don’t get enough love. Right? Just because you’ve got less to work with doesn’t mean you can’t create amazing styles. You can, and usually in less time! We compiled 10 of our favorite short hairstyles that will take you from morning until night.

Loose Waves (via One Little Momma)


This tutorial by One Little Momma is super easy and actually uses a flat iron not a curling iron! If you like the appearance of more crimped waves then this tutorial will be perfect for you.

The Waterfall Braid (via CuteGirlsHairstyles )


This tutorial from Cute Girl Hairstyles can actually work with long or short hair, but we think it’s cuter on the shorties! It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. This one comes with a video too!

Short Hair Chignon with headband


There are so many amazing headbands out there and we don’t use them enough. This look is very romantic and can easily work without the bangs.

The Bouncy Curled Under (via TheSmallThingsBlog )

easy hair 4

The Small Things brings us a super simple hairstyle that is perfect for everyday wear. The key to this one is body, so make sure you’ve added some volumizing spray.

Quick Twist (via TheBeautyDepartment )

easy hair 5

Some days we just don’t know what we’d do without the beauty department. Their tutorials are awesome and we especially love ones that are incredibly simple like this one!

Double braided pony (via WhippyCake )

easy hair 6

Whippy cake shows us how to rock this double braided ponytail. This is a great casual look we think looks especially awesome in the summer and fall.

Chignon Hair with Side Wave (via Fashionising)

easy hair 7

A chignon will get you through many elegant occasions in life. This chignon with side wave elevates that look to a whole other level.

Short Curly Locks  (via TheGlamourai)

easy hair 8

The Glamouri’s tutorial for short curly hair makes us have confidence that even we could do this. Her step-by-step approach is great and the results are gorgeous.

Faux Updo for Short Hair (via Keikolynn)

easy hair 9

You can wear this one with or without the scarf, but we sure do love the versatility! Either way this look gives the illusion that you have much more hair than you actually do.

Hot Crossed Buns  (via TheBeautyDepartment )


easy hair 10

Another favorite from the Beauty Department, you can pull this one off for everyday casual looks or nighttime events.