10 Beauty Uses for Baking Soda

10 beauty secrets you need to know using baking soda

All my budget-friendly ladies, this one is for you! Baking soda is more than just an ingredient used in breads and cakes. For just $1.00, it is one of the cheapest additions you can make to your beauty regimen. While there are probably almost 100 different ways to use baking soda other than in the kitchen, here is a narrowed-down list of the beauty-related uses of this common household product.

1. Toothpaste/whitener
Mix together with 3% hydrogen peroxide to make a whitening paste. This can be damaging to use daily, so limit it to 2-3x a month. For a less severe alternative, you can just dip your toothbrush (with toothpaste on it) in some baking soda to get a deeper clean and fresher breath.

2. Bath soak
Baking soda and Epsom salt soaks work to detox the body. The salt draws out the toxins, and the baking soda ensures they don’t re-enter. Plus, your skin will feel incredible afterwards.

3. Brush cleaner
Soak your brushes, combs, or makeup tools in a baking soda/water mixture for about 10 minutes to clean off all the residue from hair products and makeup.

4. Facial scrub
Emma Stone, who has a seriously flawless complexion, recently claimed she uses baking soda a couple times a week as a facial scrub. You can mix it with your normal face wash, or combine it with a little coconut oil instead.

5. Shampoo
The “no-poo” technique is getting pretty popular recently. It uses baking soda mixed with water to replace your normal shampoo. Since baking soda is a great cleanser, it will get rid of all the residue from your hair products that shampoo could leave behind.

6. Acne treatment
The paste that forms from mixing water and baking soda can be applied directly to pimples or blackheads to dry them out. This is similar to putting toothpaste on your spots, but without all the added chemicals that are in toothpaste.

7. Pre-manicure treatment
Soaking your nails in warm water with a little bit of baking soda will brighten discolored nails. As a bonus, it can also help soften your cuticles.

8. Hand cleanser
If you spend any time in the kitchen before entertaining, your hands could end up smelling like food (garlic and fish, we’re looking at you). Wash your hands with some baking soda instead of soap to kill bacteria as well as effectively neutralize nasty odors.

9. Shoe deodorizer
Speaking of nasty odors, you probably have a pair or two of shoes that don’t smell too pleasant anymore. For a quick fix, put baking soda into a sock or coffee filterand leave inside your shoes overnight.

10. Sooth irritation
Baking soda is great for skin irritations. For sunburn, soak a washcloth in water and baking soda and then put it on the burn. To get rid of razor bumps, create a bit of a thicker mixture and let it sit on razor bumps for about 5 minutes before washing off. Bug bites can be treated the same way as acne, with a spot treatment approach.

What are some other household products you incorporate into your beauty regimen?