10 Amazing Benefits of CBD You Should Know


Growing up I was a huge fan of TLC so when I heard Tionne Watkins (aka T-Boz) launched a new beauty and wellness line called TLCBD — I just had to learn more.  I still hadn’t taken the plunge into the world of CBD beauty, health and wellness products but I had been dying to find a brand to try. Enter TLCBD —  (admittedly) I’m a little neurotic so before I try anything new, I always ask a million questions or spend hours researching. Fortunately, I was able to get my most pressing question answered  — what are the benefits of CBD? Then without hesitation, I ripped open my box of TLCBD products and I’m sold! However, if any of you are like me, I know you’d also want to know the benefits of CBD. Read on for more about Tionne’s line and the 10 amazing ways CBD improves your health, wellness and beauty.


When Tionne created her beauty and wellness line, she wanted to create products to combat the damage tour life was taking on her body and skin. By combining nature, science, and CBD, she created products to revitalize her skin and manage her symptoms of Sickle Cell. Beauty isn’t just skin deep.. it starts from within!


She wants to educate people on how CBD improves our overall health, not just the way we look.  Here are her top 10 reasons she believes CBD is good for both your health and beauty…

  1. Health IS Beauty.  And new studies show that CBD makes you healthier. Your endocannabinoid system is what regulates your overall health, and CBD stimulates your whole system to do its job and maintain health.
  2. CBD optimizes our immune system.  Immunity is good, right? Especially when you’re fighting a cold, flu, etc.  But when your immune system is too strong, your body starts attacking its own cells, which is what happens with auto-immune disorders like psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. For years we’ve been told cannabinoids were just an immunosuppressant, but data shows that cannabinoids, including CBD regulate and correct the immune system.
  3. CBD reduces pain.  It’s hard to look beautiful when you’re hurting.  Enough said.
  4. CBD helps reverse dry skin.  We all know that dehydrated skin ages faster and wrinkles and lines are more apparent.  Did you know the skin contains its own endocannabinoid system? CBD in moisturizers and oils helps balance and repair.  It also helps with things like eczema and dry skin.  It also reduces acne by regulating oil production and preventing the things that trigger breakouts.  At TLCBD we’ve all had great results using a combination of topical and internal CBD.  Every single one of us has seen improvement in our skin…and I think we can all agree we had pretty good beauty routines before.
  5. Good news for bones & skin: CBD improves collagen production. Collagen is what gives our skin its structure (skin, nails, hair, bones and ligaments).  Lack of collagen is one of the biggest factors in making us look old & saggy. While aging is an inevitable part of life, CBD slows the process by boosting collagen production and protecting from damage caused by inflammation and free radicals.  For maximum benefit, apply a broad or full spectrum CBD topically and take orally as well.
  6. CBD reduces stress. And who doesn’t need that?! CBD reduces stress signals from the brain. From there, many of the stress-related issues are averted (hair loss, high blood pressure, skin conditions, etc.).  Speaking of blood pressure…research is showing that CBD will help reduce vascular tension and blood pressure. And given that heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the US – we need to get a handle on it!
  7. CBD reduces anxiety.  CBD has a profound effect on the nervous system. You can find tons of stories of people ditching their antidepressants in favor of CBD.  You want to work with your doctor to do it, but who wouldn’t want to ditch lab made drugs for natural plant based products?
  8. CBD promotes good sleep and helps with insomnia. Nobody looks their best when they’re tired.  CBD IS basically beauty sleep.
  9. CBD helps with menstrual cramps. One of the most reported benefits of CBD from women is relief from menstrual cramps.  Many women suffer from increased pain, inflammation, diarrhea, and strong contractions during their period.  Nobody has time for that.  Besides decreasing the sensation of pain, CBD decreases inflammation and relaxes contractions. We can all get on board with that.
  10. CBD got me off of so many Sickle Cell drugs and my other family members off of so many medications.  It’s changed my life and the lives of many I love.  If you can look at natural options for health care and skin care, why wouldn’t you?


Hopefully you can see what an integral part Hemp and its derivative cannabinoids play in our health & beauty.  The connection between us and this plant is undeniable. There are so many other amazing benefits of cannabinoids: positive effects for suffers of Sickle-Cell, various cancers, Sarcoidosis, Glaucoma, MS, and so many other conditions.   The government wants to hide the benefits of CBD but I’m not afraid to continue educating. I always say, knowledge is power.


All of our TLCBD products have been researched and formulated to give the most effective dose of the right blend of cannabinoids.