Men don’t always mean to annoy us, but every once in awhile their actions just grind our gears. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of things we’d really rather not experience… Yes, we know that we annoy them at times, too! But, just for fun — we asked our readers what men do that drive them nuts. Here’s what we found out… Let us know what we missed!

  1. Being a belligerent drunk.
  2. Bad teeth.
  3. Bad breath.
  4. Lacking ambition.
  5. Being too sensitive.
  6. Not being sensitive enough.
  7. Dancing on us without our permission. Ew, bye.
  8. Wearing bedazzled, too-tight shirts and/or jeans. See: Affliction, Ed Hardy.
  9. Being too possessive or clingy. Women like a little bit of the chase, too.
  10. Constantly asking us if we’re in a bad mood because of our period. Hint: The answer will always be “no.”
  11. Dressing sloppily.
  12. Hating on our girlfriends. (And don’t you dare make us choose.)
  13. Paying us too many compliments.
  14. Obeying the “three day rule” when waiting to call us… I’m sorry, but who are you again?
  15. Constantly being on your phone, especially if we’re on a date.
  16. Spending more time with your favorite sports team than with us.
  17. Compulsively cleaning your car, shoes, etc.
  18. Spending too much time in front of the mirror… I’m sure your hair looks fine.
  19. Being an extreme mama’s boy. We’d like to feel like we’re the number one woman in your life every once in awhile.
  20. Not getting along with our families.
  21. Too much cologne. (Or just enough bad cologne.)
  22. Acting differently around your guy friends than you do with us.
  23. Selfishness.
  24. When you stop doing the little things.
  25. Talking about your ex.
  26. Bad manners. Hold a door and we will take note of it, I promise.
  27. Adjusting your privates in public.
  28. Picking us up in a car full of trash.
  29. Being a horrible texter. Please don’t “K” us or send one-word texts and then expect a response.
  30. Not liking our pets.
  31. Moving too quickly.
  32. Leaving the toilet seat up.
  33. Owning a man purse or any variation of the sort.
  34. Having pictures of naked women on your walls. And lots of ‘em.
  35. Taking cheesy pick up lines seriously.
  36. Thinking every bodily function is absolutely hysterical.
  37. Driving like an asshole.
  38. Questioning our beauty and fashion purchases. Trust us, we need this.
  39. Getting annoyed when we take time to get ready and/or call us high maintenance. Most of the time, we’re doing this for you.
  40. Not even attempting to hide the fact that you still watch porn.
  41. Selective listening.
  42. Leaving beard hair and other clippings in the bathroom.
  43. Blatantly checking out other girls. Could you at least try to be subtle?
  44. Not being able to take a joke or laugh at yourself.
  45. Saying “I don’t care” when asking for your opinion. For the love of all that is good, please pick a restaurant.
  46. Always being late.
  47. Negativity.
  48. Obsessing over the gym.
  49. Using pet names. Every. Single. Time.
  50. Asking for our advice when you really don’t want it.

Got any turn offs we left out? Share below!