5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

5 Quick Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Relationships need constant care and nourishment, just like anything else. Just because it’s been several years and you two are in a pretty comfortable spot, doesn’t mean you should stop trying. In fact, that’s probably when you should be trying the most. Keep your relationship healthy and happy with these five tips.

Take the lead. 

He might not be taking the initiative to improve the intimacy in your relationship, so you should! Plan dates, make time for him and show him how much he means to you. It is easy to get swept away in a routine especially after the “honeymoon stage”. Change things up & add a little spontaneity.

Carve out more meaningful time together

If you live together, your time together is often spent watching TV or sleeping. Turn off the electronics and actually talk. Cook together, get outside and take a walk or plan a little trip. The more meaningful time together is much more important than simply being in the same apartment.

Leave love notes or send a sweet message during the day

Make him feel appreciated and loved. Send him cute emails when you think of him, leave him a note to find later or write something in the bathroom mirror when it’s fogged up. He’ll love the spontaneity of it. Sure, it’s a little gesture but it’s usually the little things that mean the most.

Really listen

When he’s complaining about work or his mom, really listen to him. Stop playing with your phone, thinking about yourself, or planning the weekend in your head. Actively listen to him and give him the advice and support he needs. Being his wing-woman is more than just being physically there — you need to reassure him you’re actively present in the relationship. Be his “cheerleader” and be supportive — he will feel good knowing you’re there for him. And most likely, the next time you’re having a bad day — he will be your “cheerleader” too!

Embrace something they love

If he’s really into football, go to watch the game with him or read up on his favorite team. He’ll appreciate you taking interest and you never know, you may even love the thing he loves! Even if you don’t, he’ll appreciate the time and effort. Relationships are about compromise so showing you’re interested in the things he cares about (even if you don’t particularly care for it) just re-establishes that you two are on the same team.

How do you work to improve your relationship?