5 Funny Instagram Quotes Every Girl Can Relate To


Life would be so dull without Instagram. Would it not? Where else can you find daily fitness inspo, motivation words of wisdom and stalk your ex’s new gf’s ex-boyfriends cousin? Of course, we can’t forget that you can also post pics of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, workout, happy hour, girls night out and your new life motto in a 12-hour span…and get so many likes you go to bed feeling like a Kardashian. (We kid, we kid. Kinda!)

1. Taking a perfect selfie takes a lot of work and determination. It’s an art!

2. Beauty sleep is overrated.


3. Time is precious and having to scroll from the top again would be a complete waste!


4. It’s about accepting all of me. The good, bad, and ugly!


5. And that’s why we’re friends.