Bullying is More Than Mean

More than Mean Bullying

A few years ago, we interviewed Sarah Spain as a Girl We Love. Sarah was a year above me in high school and watching her career skyrocket over the last few years has been incredible & inspiring to see so watching this video was heartbreaking. I’ll never understand bullying or why people think it’s okay to say hurtful things. But this is especially upsetting — she and Julie are just doing their jobs! So what if they’re in the public eye – they are people and no one should ever have to endure this kind of abuse. Having dealt with online bullying myself (on a much smaller scale) — I know how it hurts even if you shake it off. Hiding behind a screen under a user name saying things that are intentionally cruel is cowardly. I really commend Sarah and Julie for being brave enough to shed light on this. (It couldn’t have been easy to sit through.) Hopefully, there’s a day where bullying ceases to exist and #MoreThanMean would fail to exist — but until then, let’s (as women) continue to rally together, support each other and share in each other’s successes!