20 Red Flags Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong


Trust me, you wouldn’t be the first to get sucked into a relationship with the wrong guy masked as the right one. It happens all the time, sadly. BUT there’s no reason to stay in the wrong relationship because the longer you stay the longer it’ll take you to find the right relationship. You deserve Mr. Right and need to ditch Mr. Wrong. Here are 20 red flags to help you decide if your man is 50 shades of wrong for you.

  1. He doesn’t treat his mother well
  2. He doesn’t have a steady job
  3. He is possessive
  4. He criticizes you
  5. He’s hit, slapped or punched you
  6. He is in serious debt and not trying to work out of it.
  7. He doesn’t share the same religious beliefs as you.
  8. He has lied to you
  9. You aren’t physically attracted to him
  10. Your family and friends don’t like him
  11. He is going way too fast in the relationship
  12. He flights with other women
  13. He uses drugs and is an alcoholic
  14. For single mothers—your kids don’t like him
  15. He has a problem with porn
  16. He is constantly bitter and negative about life
  17. He has children from past relationships but doesn’t have much contact with them
  18. He has any kind of criminal history that involves domestic violence or abuse.
  19. He doesn’t meet all of the qualities you’ve dreamed for in a husband.
  20. You are having some doubts