10 Annoying Guy Habits Explained

10 annoying guy habits explained

With so many annoying man-habits that need explaining, it was hard to pick just a few (kidding! sort of). Although I am neither a man nor a behavioral analyst, you don’t need to be one of these to figure out why some men do what they do. Here are a few annoying habits men do and a few possible reasons they occur.

He doesn’t text or call when he says he will.

Possible reasons:

  • He just said “I’ll call you later” to placate you and avoid awkwardness.
  • He lost your number or is super forgetful.
  • He later decided he’s not that into you after acting like he was.


He’s always running late.

Possible reasons:

  • Something genuinely happened to put him behind schedule.
  • If he’s late for nearly everything, he may not be making you a priority.
  • He’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy, which can be great until it’s time to mature a little bit.


His fridge is always empty.

Possible reasons:

  • He thinks in the short term and only buys what he wants to eat at the moment.
  • He never plans on having food around for others.


He’s seemingly addicted to video games.

Possible reasons:

  • It’s a good escape.
  • It allows him to get his competitive juices flowing.
  • Men are visual creatures and video games are visual and manly, by default.
  • It’s a good way to bring a few of his friends together.


He touches his, ahem, man parts in public.

Possible reasons:

  • He’s just trying to get comfortable.
  • It’s a subconscious habit and he doesn’t even think twice.
  • He has terrible manners and poor judgment.


He leaves the seat up.

Possible reasons:

  • He’s so into a routine at his bachelor pad that it’s hard to change.
  • He’s lazy.


He’s a great selective listener.

Possible reasons:

  • He has a short attention span that doesn’t last through your winding stories.
  • You’re not being direct and to the point. Men are built for direct and to the point.
  • He doesn’t like what you have to say.
  • He’s actually occupied or forgetful.
  • He wants to try and fix whatever’s wrong and isn’t good at just listening to you vent.


He claims he prefers women with no makeup.

Possible reasons:

  • He equates “no makeup” with “natural makeup,” meaning he prefers a softer look.
  • He genuinely likes you without makeup. Congrats!
  • You’re awful at applying makeup and he wishes you would skip it.


He tries to put the moves on you when you’re clearly pissed.

Possible reasons:

  • Men often equate love and sex. If you’re mad, he wants to have sex with you to prove your relationship is still okay.
  • He just really wants to have sex.
  • He’s inconsiderate of your current feelings.


He has terrible style.

Possible reasons:

  • He thinks shopping is a miserable experience and avoids it altogether.
  • He doesn’t take care of himself or care about how others view him.
  • He would really appreciate a little assistance. Some guys actually love it when their girlfriends help them dress.


In all of these cases, it may be best to talk to your guy about what’s going on. Relationships are all about compromise, so be a little flexible and open to his ideas.

What annoying man habits grind your gears? Have you figured out why men might do what they do?