Food for Thought: Facebook Reactions

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Finally, Facebook let’s us “react” to a post with more than just your friendly like. I mean it got pretty awkward when you wanted to share your support for someone but it wasn’t a “happy” post. I always found myself asking, “wait, if I like this does that mean I like the content of the post or I’m showing my support for the person posting it?” For example, someone’s beloved pet ran away or someone passed away or someone’s car got towed… I wasn’t liking the news in the post but merely trying to show support. Anyway, I digress… today, Facebook launched reactions beyond just your typical like. Boy, did the Internet go nuts! As a lifestyle website and single gal myself, my first thought was…

All right, I know this isn’t every girls dating lifecycle but for a lot of our readers — it’s definitely a been there, done that.

I’m definitely excited about them. It’s already added a little excitement to my feed and I’m sure this is only the beginning. ????