9 Secrets of Happy Couples

9 Secrets of Super Happy Couples

Happy, affectionate couples: In a world where 40 percent of marriages end in divorce, you can’t help but notice them. And maybe gawk a little. They seem so wonderfully in sync, and they make the work of being a couple seem so d*mn easy. Of course, no relationship ever is, especially once you add in life’s little pressures, like your crazy boss, laundry and your spinning habit.

How to Know When You Need a Break From Dating

Signs You Need a Little Break From Dating

If you’ve been jerked around by dating people who don’t know what they want, and you’re frustrated, heartbroken, and wondering if you’ll ever find anyone worthwhile, it might be best to sit out a few rounds of the dating game for a while. Rest assured that it’s not you: finding someone you’re compatible with and can relate too is pretty rare. Sometimes, it just feels more impossible than others. A break might put you in check and help get you in a better place. Here’s how to find out if you need a break…